Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pictures, as promised!

Here are my pictures as I promised...this is Bjorn and I sledding about in the beginning of March.
Here is the crew checking out the baby calves at my Mom and Dad's farm.
This picture was taken March 21st. Do you see all the fun mud? Bjorn saw it up close (notice the mud on the front of his coat!)
Then the snow came back...and so did Mr. Moose. This picture was taken today, March 25th!
Dear Snow, please go away...but Mr. Moose you can stay!

Spring had sprung ...and then it bounced away.

Well after a beautiful weekend of sunshine and mud! The snow has returned. I promise I will have pictures soon. We had been having so much fun playing in the melting snow/water/mud and now our world is white again.

I want to have a very positive attitude - go with the flow - but after having a boy with an ear infection for the last few days and almost getting stuck on my way to school this morning (they hadn't cleared the streets yet when I got to town) I have to say I am feeling pretty humbug!

So here is my effort to make myself cheer-up

Top 10 reasons I love spring in central ND

10. only in ND does it seem appropriate to give a hat and mittens as an Easter gift
9. baby calves
8. at least if you get stuck in the snow/mud its not too cold to walk for help
7. I don't have to worry about the red river flooding my house - just the slough out back.
6. only 30 days of Kindergarten left
5. There is still a chance of another snow day off from school
4. I heard the geese are comming back...I've even seen a few!
3. planning my garden (the three ft. of snow on my garden will be gone before we know it, right?...right?)
2. unlike the area where we go antelope hunting we did not get 22.3 in. of snow yesterday - we only got about 8 in.
and the number one reason is...
1. faith means believing without seeing - I know that soon the sun will shine and summer will come even if it doesn't feel or look like it right now!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A night for Mommy and Me...and a Moose!

Well everyone else headed to the regional basketball tournament tonight, but Bjorn and I decided to have a Mommy and Me night at home (and when I say home -I really mean at Howard and Joan's because our road is blocked again). And boy are we glad we did! I mean yes, we missed watching the boys win another game (Go Trojans!) but if we would have gone to the game we would have missed seeing this huge creature in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.
Yep that is Mr. Moose E. We also had fun building towers with the blocks!
Then we watched Mr. Moose some more. He got much closer to the house after the sun went down but it was too dark for him to show up on those pictures.

And ofcourse, what Mommy and Me night would be complete without a self portrait and a little tickle torture!